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Avantone MP-1 Mixphones Black

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Avantone MixPhones - YES Headphones you can mix with!
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Avantone MP-1 Mixphones Black


The MixPhones Mp1 Triple Play Personal Monitor with Vari-Voice is the first ever multiple use headphone, suitable for use in the live sound, DJ, studio recording, mixing playback and listening applications. The unique design allows the user to move between normal neutrally voiced stereo field, monaural (mono), and a specially contoured "mix" mode that focuses the midrange frequencies to simulate the sound of our Mixcubes and allow better articulation of critical mix frequencies.


Avantone's MixPhones MP1 are Triple Play headphones with Vari Voice, a technology that allows you to switch between three listening modes. The user has a neutral stereo mode, a monaural mode (mono) and a specially "colored" mix mode at his disposal. The latter simulates the sound of Avantone's well-known mix cubes and allows a better assessment of critical mix frequencies. Its special features make it ideal for live soundDJingstudio recordingmixing playback and simple listening pleasure. But it's not just the technology that's convincing over its entire length: The MixPhones MP1 circumaural earphones also look great on the outside and ensure a high level of wearing comfort - even during long sessions. Combined with a robust constructionAvantone's MP1 headphones offer everything you need for professional audio work.



Avantone MixPhones MP1 Overview

  • circumaural
  • high wearing comfort
  • 50mm driver
  • Frequency range: 18 Hz - 25 kHz
  • SPL: 130 dB
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm +/- 2.4 (15%)
  • weight: 0.55 kg
  • detachable cable
  • incl. straight 3m cable and curled 1m cable
  • incl. soft bag
  • Colour: black


  • Manufacturer: Avantone
  • Build: Over-ear
  • System: closed
  • Impedance (Ohm): 16
  • Connection: Removable Cable
  • Input: 3.5mm jack
  • Frequency Response from (Hz): 18
  • Frequency Response to (Hz): 25,000
  • incl. 6,3mm adapter: Yes

Scope of Delivery:

  • incl. 6,3mm adapter: Yes
  • Incl. Bag / Case: Yes


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