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Mapex Tornado Drumset TND5845TZ Royal Blue #YB

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Продукт КОД : DRU0035321-000
Including Zildjian Planet Z cymbal set, bassdrum: 18" x 16"
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Mapex Tornado Drumset TND5845TZ Royal Blue #YB


Including Zildjian Planet Z cymbal set


The Mapex Tornado Drumset TND5845TZ Royal Blue #YB is aimed at beginners and beginners who are looking for an all-round carefree package. In addition to the drum boilers in standard sizes, all tripods, pedals, a stool and even a set of cymbals by Zildjian from the U.S.A. are included, all perfectly matched and ready to play! Mapex has proven several times in the past that good stuff does not have to be expensive. That this is also true for the beginner class is once again impressively demonstrated by the Tornado drum sets.

Crisp, rich sound without compromise

The Tornado drums are made in the same factories and with the help of the same machines as the big ones, under strict quality requirements as the higher-quality drum sets from Mapex. The argument that cheap drums should sound bad, the Tornado drum set throws out an unusually crisp, rich sound that almost casually invalidates any doubts. Nine layers of lime wood and original REMO skins give the boilers an attack-rich sound and the Tornado Set can be optimally positioned using the ball-and-socket tom holder. These properties and the high-quality workmanship are unique for this price range and outperform the competition.


Double braced tripod legs for stability

A hardware package consisting of hi-hat machine, foot pedal, cymbal stand and snare stand is also included for an immediate start. True to the Tornado principle, the hardware also impresses with its unusually high quality. Double braced tripod legs provide the necessary stability and helpful features make it easier to set and find one's own preferences. A few practice Hi-Hats and a 16" crash cymbal complete the package tonally.


One assembly instruction DVD free of charge


Also optically the Tornado Drums give something neatly. This is ensured by black lacquer foils which, together with the chrome-plated boiler hardware, create a rounded appearance. We also provide a free assembly instruction DVD with lots of tips and tricks.


hardware bundle

  • 2 x Pelvic stand
  • HiHat stand H200
  • Foot machine P200
  • Snare Stand S200
  • Stool T250A
  • 2x tom-holder TH6215


basin set

  • Zildjian Planet Z
  • 14" HiHat
  • 16" Chrash cymbal
  • 20" Ride Basin



  • Manufacturer: Mapex
  • Shell Material: Lime tree
  • Shell Surface: Foil
  • Colour: Royal Blue
  • Shell Hardware: Chrome
  • Size tom 1: 10" x 8"
  • Size tom 2: 12" x 9"
  • Size floor tom 1: 14" x 12"
  • Snare size: 14" x 5"
  • Size bassdrum: 18" x 16"
  • Pre-dampened Bass Drum Head: Yes
  • Number of Layers snare drum: 9
  • Number of Layers bassdrum: 9
  • Number of Layer toms: 9


Scope of Delivery:

  • incl. Hardware: Yes
  • incl. Cymbals: Yes
  • incl. Tom Holder: Yes


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